ThetaHealing Practitioner:
  • Open to anyone who believe in a life force
  • The journey begins with a Basic DNA seminar
  • Obtain your own self-improvement and expand your knowledge
ThetaHealing Instructor:
  • Once you are a ThetaHealing Practitioner the best way to learn is to teach
  • Taught only by Vianna Stibal, the creator of ThetaHealing and her family
  • Take your learning to the next level and share this incredible technique with others
ThetaHealing Elective:
  • Board approved ThetaHealing seminars designed and taught by Certified ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Instructors, using the ThetaHealing techniques
  • Help sharpen and apply your ThetaHealing skills
  • Must be a ThetaHealing Practitioner
ThetaHealing Master:
  • If you truly want to master something you must take the time to learn and practice it. Discover the ThetaHealing Master Certification
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science:
  • Move beyond the veil of illusion and start to connect on deeper level with the Creator. Truly discover how powerful your mind is as you journey through your Certificate of Science.
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Theta Healing, THETAHEALER, scutul logo-ul THETA vindecare și cred că / THETA VINDECARE INSTITUTUL DE CUNOAȘTERE sunt mărci comerciale înregistrate. Seminarii și sesiuni de în modul de energie ThetaHealing sunt disponibile exclusiv de la o Instructorii si practicieni certificate în tehnica ThetaHealing. Doar un instructor sau practicant care a fost certificat de către cred că are dreptul de a fi numit un ThetaHealer. Numai acele practici de energie de vindecare elaborate și aprobate de Vianna și cred că poate fi numit ThetaHealing.

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