Lavina Tharani Chulani ( Maisha)

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Advanced DNA Taguig City, Manila  Philippines Dec 21 - 23, 2019 Află mai multe


"I first tried Theta Healing in 2014 while I was pregnant. It was a difficult pregnancy, having to battle numerous issues both medical and emotional. Theta healing made the experience bearable Even after pregnancy , i continued my sessions with Maisha. What i noticed was that thru Theta healing, i am able to address issues, problems, doubts and fears right away , without going over so much drama. This year, I finally took the courses and i feel they have helped me shape the mindset that i need in order to live the life that i want . It has created a much needed momentum in my life and many blessings have come my way. Much gratitude to Maisha and the entire Theta healing team!"

Monique Hilario

"I attended all the Theta Healing foundation courses with Maisha. I wasn’t sure about what to expect at first but the way she started the Basic DNA Class immediately made me feel comfortable with her and the whole learning process. I liked the experiences and examples she shared during the classes. She also made sure that our questions were answered thoroughly. She’s very warm and welcoming and I’m glad that I got introduced to Theta Healing thru her classes. "

Ethel Cuerpo-Bernales

"When I was studying Numerology, I learned that at age 32, I will meet my spiritual guru. As I was closing in age, I planned to travel to a Buddhist country to meet my guru but that never happened. Coincidentally, a broken heart with an ex-boyfriend led me to The ThirdEye Wellness. I came to have a Crystal Layout Past Life Regression with Maisha in October 2017 and she told me that I was very intuitively open and I should take the Basic ThetaHealing Class scheduled in the next few days. I took her advise to skip work and attend the class instead. And I am glad that I did. On my 32nd birthday, I was holding my Basic ThetaHealing practitioner certificate. Life was never the same after that first class. Before I became a practitioner, I was a sickly, obese, socially-awkward type II diabetic, who constantly suffered from complications such as hypertension, urinary tract infections, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Most of the time, I was self-loathing, depressed, feeling not good enough, insecure, jealous, envious, and afraid of people, of love and of life and this negative feelings manifest in my physical and material state. I had no savings and always felt lacking despite the good income from my day job. My ThetaHealing journey has turned my life around. Everyday, I experience miracles as I shift to my best version and as I get closer to my divine timing. From uncontrolled diabetes, my doctor has recently declared me as someone with slightly elevated sugar; from being overweight, I am just a few pounds from reaching my prescribed BMI and no longer categorized as overweight; from someone who loathes herself, I learned how to love my self to the truest sense of self-love which is something that I got from the Soulmates Class. PCOS, asthma, UTI are completely vanished from my life. I have just recently left my day job, and is starting a dream business out of my savings (which I never thought I could ever accumulate). I never intended to have a team on this project but I attracted kindred spirits who supported my vision and made the work fun and easy. Maisha helped me along the way to my healing. She was there to nudge, poke and encourage whenever I delay, doubt, or go to another direction. Through our healing sessions and classes, she helped me see the endless possibilities there are for me. ThetaHealing also helped me to know God in the most profound way, and that if we discover ourselves, we will discover that God has always been there. "

Marianne Deguzman

"Learning ThetaHealing was the best decision I ever took. Within a year's time, my life transformed from a terrible relationship to a beautiful marriage to my soulmate. ThetaHealing had equipped me with a unique tool to rise above negative situations, convert them into positive learnings and live a life at a higher vibration. Maisha is a fantastic teacher. She made learning ThetaHealing a cake walk even to someone like me who was new to the concept of spiritual wellness. Interacting with her inside and outside the class made me realize that she absolutely practices what she teaches. This was another quality of hers' that motivated me to make ThetaHealing a way of life. "

Megha Nagpal
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