Tania Kawood

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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Rainbow Children Young Adult Dubai,   United Arab Emirates Nov 27 - Dec 1, 2020 Află mai multe
Advanced DNA United Arab Emirates Dec 4 - 6, 2020 Află mai multe
World Relations Dubai, Dubai  United Arab Emirates Dec 11 - 15, 2020 Află mai multe
Planes of Existence Dubai, Dubai  United Arab Emirates Jan 8 - 12, 2021 Află mai multe

Despre mine

I am a certified healer based in Dubai and support individuals in different parts of the world. I always had a passion for helping individuals improve the quality of their own lives, which I initially started doing through different volunteering activities such as teaching both adults and children in China and Malaysia, assisting Riding For The Disabled and working closely with the Chin Student Organization Refugee Kids from Myanmar.

My volunteering path led me to realize that my greatest achievement is being a happy person because I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to live a happy life. This I learned can be achieved through healing, as I experienced negativities in my life that I sought to heal. As I transformed, I felt empowered and wanted to help others feel empowered as well. Subsequently, my healing journey led me to studyin Nepal, Dubai, and Mexico. 

Since then, I have become a Theta Practitioner and Instructor and enjoy passing my knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners in Theta Healing.  I worked with people looking to improve their relationships, move forward after a break up, physical pain, emotional pain, wanting more abundance and people who looking for spiritual growth and to be empowered to take control of their lives and what they are creating.  


"Tania Kawood is a rare find, is her sessions it's just a good listening and deep understanding, she is able to read a problem and work energetically to make a difference, I didn't believe in all energy healing till I meet Tania and sow and feel the differences in my daily life, thank you Tania for all you have helped me achieve, I have changed so much, more than I ever thought was possible and could not have done it without your amazing work, feels blessed to have found you"

Abdulrahman Arar
Dubai, UAE

"Tania is one of the most passionate people I was ever blessed to know. Born to make a difference, you can see her love and caring for all souls shining through her eyes, which is why it was no surprise at all when she gravitated towards energy healing. Of the many healers I visited for a variety of issues I grew wanting but unaware of how to resolve, Tania had the best serene approach that drove me to share with her details I was too fearful of sharing openly or admitting to myself even. I am still in awe of the journeys she took me on during our sessions. I could sense how strongly connected she is as she helped me drill down into the core of my subconscious, only to discover beliefs I never knew I buried this deep, resulting in a very smooth discarding of these beliefs into the light, and by this bringing the light closer to me, filling me up with the beautiful colours of energy that I feel rotating me into positivity, into a magical place, into a happier me. Thank you Tania for how wonderful you are. "

Rania Al Khadra
Dubai, UAE

"My theta healing session with Tania was a truly eye and mind opener experience. I went to her in the middle of a really though break up, full of pain, sadness and anger. But I left my session in a completely different state of mind. Thanks to my session we reach to the bottom of many unattended issues that were somehow messing with many areas of my life. It was literately like taking off this really heavy backpack, immediately felt in peace, happy and full of energy. Once I became conscious about this and I was released of all the sadness and negative feeling I began a beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-healing. I’ll be always truly grateful to her. Victoria. "

Dubai, UAE

"The basic course with Tania is absolutely amazing! The Theta healing content itself is very fascinating and Tania makes it all the more interesting with the way she guides us through it all. Her kind nature and ability to connect with each student individually keeps us all engaged. I really enjoyed the course and it has helped me want to understand the deeper layers of my mind. Tania encourages us to dig deeper and to trust ourselves. Just with doing the basic course we see the magic around us! I look forward to continuing this journey and learning more from Tania!"

Dubai, UAE

"The course was sooo amazing .. it was a fun to learn course which was light on the heart and made me want to learn more .. it helped me manage to work automatically with all brainwaves and reach deeper truths about myself and correct the beliefs that I have to become a better me .. the energy was glorious and I had the chance to be fully myself and express my point of view, I felt welcomed by the instructor and my class mates.. such a great experience"


"Heyy Tania, I’m so happy to be sharing this with you today, I finally have achieved and over come a huge milestone today. I would just like to point out that the words you have used to explain the small glitch which I was facing within my self and my outlook towards the issue were SO POWERFUL. 1) Stop Focusing on the problem as if You are a part of it BUT remove ur self from the problem and then ACT. 2) You have told me to stop self doubting my self and believe that I can achieve what I want and much more without deciding on one particular OUTCOME. With my experience in trusting that process after following the advice the outcome is much more then what I believed and wanted in the first place. Thank you for all the Great words and Great vibes ✨✨✨✨"


"I've been wanting to take this class for more than a year now, but my entire being was resisting it until I finally surrendered. The basic DNA course with Tania was simply a journey through the 7 planes by all means, it was magical, eye opening, emotional, shocking, fun, very much fun actually and so beneficial, but what makes it all so much better is the instructor, she has a simple way of making you believe in yourself, and all throughout the 3 days, she was holding our heart and souls in a beautiful space where we all came out from it more aware of our beings and the universe around us. It was truly an ahhhh moment that lasted 3 days and hopefully a lifetime."

Dubbai, UAE

"I feel soo blessed to have had the opportunity to learn Theta healing from Dear Tania! She has soo much love oozing out of her, being around her for 3 days was extremely healing (even virtually)! I felt like a little girl in fairy land! The learning was soo satiating, it hit a different spot all together! I’d call it the soul spot! The senses that most of us suppress growing up, had a chance to come out and play! Yes we are ALL Psychic! Its like a muscle! The more we trust & use it, the stronger it gets! The 3 days was all about reminding us of our true nature! I had forgotten how loved, supported & powerful I am & Tania reminded me in such a beautiful way! If you are ready to find the truth about your infinite beauty, heal & help others heal, or are looking to connect with soul family and learn epic knowledge that will blow your mind, this hits home ❤️"

Dubai, UAE

"my initial impression of Tania was that of a happy go lucky sweet lady, not only is she that but she is also a wise, knowledgeable, patient, down to earth teacher. She knows how to hold the space , allow the students to reach their realizations and have the learnings click into place at their own pace without enforcing the knowledge on them. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and and will definitely have future courses with her"

Dubai, UAE
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