Neus Ventura

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


0034 679946799

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"Neus habla y transmite desde el corazón. Cierra sus ojos antes de responderte y sabes que más allá de ella, está el Creador. Puedes sentir su energía de amor a través de sus palabras y te invita a indagar en ti y seguir avanzando en tu camino desde un respeto y motivación extraordinarios. Recomiendo las clases con Neus para todos que quieran ser guiados en entender su propia luz y utilizarla. Neus te va a ayudar con éxito a hacerlo siempre desde el amor y los resultados van a sorprenderte en todos los niveles"


"Neus Ventura is my all-time favourite ThetaHealing-practitioner, and I would recommend her to anyone anytime! With her compassionate, graceful and powerful way of always getting to the bottom of what’s going on in my life, she has managed to resolve both physical and mental issues for me again and again. Being trained in ThetaHealing myself, I know when a practitioner is really doing the work, and Neus ticks all the boxes. Such a talented, creative and genuine human being and energy practitioner! I just love her and from both a personal and professional place, I hope everyone struggling with whatever issues takes the opportunity to have a session with Neus. I promise you, it really is life-changing in all the best of ways!"


"Neus is such an amazing healer as her psychic reading is precise and right on, each time. As much as I appreciate her ability, knowledge, accuracy on the content, and professionalism, I also feel so grateful for her care, empathy, amicable manners, and respect. I can trust her to work on me fully at a deeper level and most meaningful way on any topic. I'm most impressed and can highly recommend with confidence for anyone to work with Neus. Gracias Neus!! "

New York
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