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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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Despre mine

"My heart and soul is at the very center of ThetaHealing, because I do it everyday for myself and I live it.  It is a blessing and an honor to be an instructor and have the ability to help people on their path of life find the life of their dreams.  I can not imagine a life without ThetaHealing.  I would not be the person that I am today with out ThetaHealing and continues to be a miracle in my life every day.

My favorite part of ThetaHealing is working with children.  I love teaching them ThetaHealing and showing them the magic that they can create in their lives with it.  Children are simply amazing.  They truely are a gift!"     
In addition to owning her private practice teaching students and assisting clients, Dawna also works full time at ThetaHealing Headquarters in Bigfork, Montana.  


"ThetaHealing created meaning to my life, giving me direction on my purpose. It elevated me in ways I never thought were possible. Once I started ThetaHealing I realized a major transformation in myself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel very blessed everyday. I feel blessed I connected with Dawna, her insight, compassion and the wisdom she shared allowed me to develop more Self Awareness which allowed me to change my perspective on how I live my daily life, instead of blame, anger and separation, I shifted to being responsible, feeling joy, love and connection to myself, others and God. Instead of worrying about my future and all the elements in life, I started really enjoying the moment and trusting in my heart that only good things will come my way...and they did...and they still are!"

Nada Harb

"Theta Healing has been like sunshine for the seed of my soul and it has been one of the most empowering tools for growing, nurturing and flourishing with the highest good. The more I work with the practice, the stronger my conviction--the human spirit is capable of producing profound miracles! Dawna’s gift in the healing arts is most potent as is her teaching style. Her wisdom and guidance from Source sends chills through me as she gently guides me to my accountability in healing. Her intention consistently leads me to a space of infinite belief and potential of initiating my own magick. I’m so grateful for her amazing insight, patience and assistance throughout my journey. Thank you, Dawna!"

Teresa Simmons

"Seven years ago, I had a job I enjoyed and life was pretty ok, ticking along… one day a friend gifted me a ThetaHealing® session because she thought I would enjoy it……Now I help people, and teach students this amazing healing modality all over the world. Life is awesome; I have grown in every way and looking back, I really can’t believe the transformation in myself and in my life. This is the coolest thing about ThetaHealing – it just keeps opening new doors and possibilities for yourself and for the others you are privileged to help. I never take this gift for granted; it amazes me every day. A special thanks to Dawna who helped me kick the Shingles virus, which had been hanging around for 10 years, into touch, and for giving me the confidence to work more and more on physical illnesses. Here’s to the next seven years…and the next!"

Nicola Van Dyke
United Kingdom

"ThetaHealing came into my life when I have uncovered a very weird life issue for which there was no solution in the medical or psychological field. The solution could come only from the Divine. And ThetaHealing proved every bit miraculous in helping me resolve my situation. Since then I have witnessed the power of ThetaHealing for various physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. I have also manifested a great deal using ThetaHealing. The thing that I respect the most about ThetaHealing is the understanding of the Creator, Universal Laws, our Self, and our Life that comes with it. Recently once again ThetaHealing was a miracle in my life. I was dealing with skin allergies and for some reason I first went to a doctor. The antibiotics that the doctor gave me caused drug poisoning and completely messed up each and every organ in my body. ThetaHealing can Dawna came to my rescue. The care, concern and the large heartedness that I experienced from Dawna, was a much needed blessing. Her knowledge of the various herb required for various organs has always fascinated me. Dawna is that teacher whose support for her students continues beyond the courses you take from her. I highly recommend and respect her."

Seema Agarwal

"ThetaHealing saved my life. Literally. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer in July 2013. I had surgery to remove a large tumor in September and we through the surgeon got it all. Unfortunately it came back three months later with a vengeance and moved into my lymph nodes and was growing at such an alarming rate that I started Chemo in January 2014. This was very difficult for me as I did not really have much faith into western medicine but I was in a battle for my life. Seven months of chemo, more surgery, and 8 1.2 weeks of radiation kept me clear for less than a year and then it reappeared again in one of the lymph nodes that were left, along with some suspecting spots on liver and pancreas. A friend told me about ThetaHealing and I immediately read Vianna's first book and knew, just knew, that this was missing piece to the puzzle. I called the Institute in Montana and told them my story. After 6 months I received my first clear PET scan! I was elated! Dawna Campbell, is an amazing healer intuitive ThetaHealer®. I had one more diagnosis around the time it would have been my first year. Dawna and I worked together daily before my biopsy and when I went in, they found NOTHING to biopsy. The cancer disappeared. I had another PET scan and it was complete clear. Today, I am cancer free for over two years. Thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart. "

Jennifer Foss

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