Jany Skeates

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Certificate of Science


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Despre mine

Hi I am Jany,
Thank you for taking the time to find me here.
I am very passionate about ThetaHealing and greatly enjoy the quality time spent with my clients and students.
I hold a Certificate of Science Qualification and Masters in ThetaHealing since 2010. I also am a Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist and a Dental Hygienist with over 28 years working in a military environment, both in uniform in the Royal Australian Air Force and as a contract health providor.
My Story in relation to ThetaHealing 
ThetaHealing came to me in 2005, when I was unconsciously looking for confirmation of my existence as a human being at this time on the planet.
I had a young family a home and a career, I was busy, but I felt anxious, empty and very alone.
Something integral was missing and I had no idea what it was.
It was then that ThetaHealing found me and things began to fall into place very quickly and synchronistically.
ThetaHealing has taught me countless wisdom and awakened my gifts and given me an awareness of my deepest core values and my virtues. In short I discovered myself and co created my identity with the help of the deep meditative theta brainwave, enquiry (digging) and divine guidance.
Previously I had kept my true nature hidden and camouflaged and secret from even myself in order to be safe. A chameleon that morphed to fit in with others, not daring to rock the boat, but ThetaHealing changed all of that.
In short the greatest gift and most profound knowledge I have learned with My ThetaHealing journey is to know that you are never alone. That you are always connected to, and one with source. Vianna calls this Creator of all that there is.
In one simple ThetaHealing command you can reconnect with that awareness. When you are feeling lost or confused, you simply connect and you are instantly plugged in to the reassurance or guidance that you need in that instance.
I have also had the privilege to share in this amazing process with many grateful clients and witnessed miracles in their healing journey.
To have that ability to have choice in my life, know my direction and be able to connect to divine guidance is such a gift.
I thank Creator, my Teachers and guides every day for showing me a way.
i am so looking forward to meeting you if you wish to experience ThetaHealing or attend one of the many ThetaHealing courses that I teach.
In Gratitude

Atestări Extra

Diploma Level 5 Kinesioogist AKA Accredited 
Registered Dental Hygienist AHPRA Accredited 
Ex Military Retired Sergeant Dental Supervisor 


"My Session with Jany was a deep personal experience which dramatically improved my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Thank you Jany"

Glenda C. Bowen Therapist
Ipswich Queensland Australia

"I am totally amazed with Jany Skeates immense knowledge & experience. I went to her with a number of problems and an open mind. I was blown away with how quickly she could find the cause of problems and work on clearing them. She has a number of skills and is still adding to her repertoire. "

Kerry W
Gold Coast Queensland Australia

"I was having a lot of trouble sleeping on my side as that was my favorite position. After only one session with Jany I was able to sleep on my side. Jany was also able to help me with my sciatica by doing her healing long distance. I would highly recommend Jany to anyone who needs any type of healing."

Suzi H
Ipswich Queensland Australia

"Jany Skeates is a rare find. She is the most loving, kind, generous and patient human being I have had the complete blessing of having in my life as both a teacher and as a friend. Jany's ability to see life through the lens of love has been my barometer that has guided me to be able to view the world from a kinder and more compassionate perspective. Jany has a deep understanding of the boundaries of support that is needed to allow you to become empowered through your own integration process.Her breadth and depth of knowledge of the spiritual and physical world shows her dedication to bringing the highest level of service to her clients and the greater good of humanity. Jany's geniuine honesty and integrity in the delivery of her service is profound and I highly recommend her loving services as a teacher and practitioner of Theta Healing and Kinesiology."

Sam W
Gold Coast Queensland Australia

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