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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



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Basic DNA Breda, Noord Brabant  Netherlands Feb 15 - 17, 2021 Află mai multe
Advanced DNA Breda, Noord Brabant  Netherlands Mar 11 - 13, 2021 Află mai multe
Dig Deeper Breda, Noord Brabant  Netherlands Jun 10 - 11, 2021 Află mai multe

Despre mine

Hi, I am Martina Mezzetti (37), half Italian half Dutch, living in the Netherlands with my husband, three children and two dogs.
After years of feeling a surviver with no control over my own life, thoughts, feelings and emotions Thetahealing came into my life.
Everyday I’m grateful, thankful and blessed that it came on my path, for al the gifts and miracles it has brought me, my family, loved ones, clients and students. ❤️

Atestări Extra

As a young girl I was always interested in why people behaved like they dit and why.
My personal journey of self-development, consciousness, yoga and sprituality started early as well as my never ending natural connection with animals.
I love the simplicity and power of Thetahealing and how to change subconscious beliefs into empowering ones that will change your life and has changed mine and my family’s tremendously.
Making Magic Happen with deep transformations from within ❤️ there a no limits


"De Thetahealing Sessies met Martina raad ik iedereen aan! De wijze waarop zij werkt vanuit haar intuïtieve gaves is heel warm en authentiek. Veel overtuigingen die mij niet meer dienden, angsten en chronische vermoeidheid heb ik met haar samen kunnen transformeren, zodat ik vanuit mijn kern mag leven en mijn licht in deze wereld mag stralen. "


"I had a theta healing session with Martina to be able to deal better with my the pain in knee, which has been deformed after a horse riding accident. I felt extremely supported through the process and was impressed at how quickly she managed to uncover some deep belief related issues with me. I made a few shifts in my belief system that seems to have amazingly translated to my physical ability to work with the pain. It doesn’t overpower me anymore the way it used to. I’d highly recommend Martina for anyone who is looking to do some solid work around shifting beliefs and mindset. "

United Kingdom

"Now I have done two sessions with Martina and both sessions were incredibly special, almost indescribable. Both times I noticed that something was going on even before the session. Martina really helps me to clarify, understand and solve things. All this has led to enlightenment both times! I see her as a coach who (literally) lovingly takes me by the hand and guides me through certain processes. I am already looking forward to my next session!"


"Martina is a great Thetahealer and has a sparkling personality that immediately makes you feel good. Even if you have an online session, she makes sure that the healing is really tailored to you and follows the radars of your brain and energy to find out the real cause of your blockage. Martina has the combination of 2 things that I really appreciate together: depth and humor! Her smile during a session has a healing and motivating effect. Thanks to the process she has stimulated with me, one of my most important and years of riddles and blockades has now been explained! Martina has the gift to make heavy subjects feel lighthearted. Her enthusiasm ensures that you always know that everything will be alright. I would therefore highly recommend her!"


"Martina is an amazing coach and healer. She's always spot on in what I feel and am going through...and also sometimes has to stretch my emotional comfort zone a bit to get to the next level of self reflection :). She has helped me a lot, and has also done healing sessions with my dogs and horses. I would thoroughly recommend booking in a session with her. "

United Kingdom

"We adopted Taffy from Roemenia. When we would walk her she could be aggressive to unknown men and barking to other dogs. After one session we saw an immediate improvement of Taffy's previous behaviour. She is know really calm and relaxed! (at this photo she is sleeping (instead of how she reacted before) while an unknown waiter has given her some water"


"I met Martina during the training of Theta healing. We had a session via Skype. She could easily get to the core by asking the right focus and asking questions. Her soft and radiant energy made it click right away. She is a beautiful and sparkling person and very good at her job. "


"A while ago I met Martina through my dog ​​Floor. From the first telephone contact I felt a click, something I don't often have right away. I am now doing a number of coaching sessions with her to get to know her way of working and to focus myself (finally!) On what I want, on my desires and thus direct my life and live even more. I love to be with her, to be supported and to receive and learn the Theta healing .... thank you dear Martina for being open, uninhibited and pure straightforward!"


"Martina guides you lovingly and carefully during a Thetahealing session. Special to experience thanks to Martina's gift."


"I recently received a Theta healing from Martina and I was amazed how easily she got to the core. Trauma I had already suffered in the womb. We went back to the point before I was born and she made me feel loved, safe and recognized. Quite a few emotions came up and I cried a lot. Much released from beliefs. I feel different, I can be the light. Beautiful how she does this with a lot of love, dedication and skills. Thank you Martina for bringing me closer to myself and being who I should be."


"Martina really surprised me how good she is as a healer also because I had never spoken to her before. I did the session ONLINE and I highly recommend her service."


"Via facebook hebben Martina en ik contact gekregen en toen bleek dat we zoveel gemeen hebben, dat onze harten op dezelfde frequentie resoneren. Martina heeft mij heel veel geholpen met inzichten en thetahealing. Een therapievorm die zo mooi aansluit op mijn manier van therapeutisch werken. Haar gave om af te stemmen en daardoor beelden en scherpe inzichten door te krijgen is heel waardevol. Het helpt mij om weer diepere lagen af te pellen. Dank je wel lieve Martina! ❤"


"Thank you very much! I had a great experience. The Downloads are in my heart and mind now and I felt them so deep in my soul. I'm so happy that I met you. You are an amazing person and great therapist. Thank you for your love, your nice words and the conversation that we had. God Bless you!"

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